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Tokyo Photowalks – Bespoke Photowalks in and around Tokyo

Tokyo can feel like a never-ending concrete maze of skyscrapers and neon lights – in certain areas that’s exactly what it is, but there’s actually a lot more to be discovered than first meets the eye. There are pockets of Tokyo that have seen very little change over the past few decades. Areas that are stacked with history, unspoiled by the ongoing march of redevelopment that seems to be changing the face of the city every few years.
I offer one-on-one or group Photowalks around the lesser known parts of Tokyo and the surrounding areas, focusing on the traditional and historic parts of the city that often get overlooked. These bespoke photo-tours will help you create a collection of high grade, unforgettable images to remember your trip to Japan by. I will help you achieve the photographic results you want, pointing out good angles, different compositions and a variety of methods to help take your photography to the next level. I can prepare either half day or full day courses.
The following images were all taken on such photowalks, if you are interested in visiting any of these places or you would like to discuss creating your own, unique photowalk in Tokyo feel free to contact me here for a chat.

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